BREAKING: A-Rod Is Retiring… After His Contract Ends In 2017


We will remember the A-Rod era for th– wait a second… what am I doing? I don’t have to write this blog for another two years

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Of all the athletes to ever pass through New York, from superstars to flameouts to every controversial guy and girl in between, A-Rod’s run is right up there as the most outrageous. There’s just so much there. The initial trade, the contracts, the playoff failures, the redemptions, the steroids, the suspension, the comeback. The whole thing has just been a roller coaster ride of emotions. I’ve gone from loving him to hating him and back and forth since the day he got here. There’s just so much material to touch on. 

I think more than anything, we will remember the A-Rod era for th–

Wait… what am I doing, I don’t have to write that blog yet. I don’t have to write this blog for another year. I have forever until I have to put that legwork in, and I have zero intention of starting now.

So I’m just gonna kind of end this blog now since… you know… we have a full year until this announcement actually means anything. But hey, thanks for the heads up Alex. Please play well this year.


P.S.   Two beloved New York Sports icons going down in the same year… damn



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