My Bracket Is Live And It. Is. So. LIT.


Happy March Madness everyone.

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Some quick notes:

  • That’s right, Wichita State motherfuckers. Hottest team in the country (since the brackets were announced). When you break the bracket down into 8 different sections, you could easily argue the bottom half of the South is the weakest. Villanova is Villanova, Miami doesn’t scare me in the slightest, Iowa is in the middle of a tailspin, and Arizona isn’t Arizona this year. If there’s one section for a double digit seed to crack the Elite 8, it’s this one. Especially a double digit seed that by both metrics and the eye test is a top 15 team when healthy.
  • And once they reach the Elite 8, they face a Kansas team that 1) they beat last March, and 2) will be coming off of two brutal matchups in a hot March UConn team and a disjointed but talented Maryland team. Love the Shockers as my upset special.
  • On the flip side, that top half of the East is absolutely brutal. In almost any other section I’d have Carolina going to the Final Four, but I just can’t see them escaping this region. Playing a FGCU team with momentum and a Providence team with arguably the best player on the court in Dunn the first weekend will be tough enough. And while I highly doubt they won’t escape this weekend, I just don’t trust them to out-shoot Kentucky in the Sweet 16.
  • On the bottom half, I love Xavier to just quietly roll through the first few rounds and take advantage of the worn down winner of UNC/Kentucky. X Men to Houston
  • I hate the West Bracket. Easily the toughest to pick. Just an absolute toss up between Oregon, Oklahoma, and A&M. In the end I went with Oklahoma in the hopes that 1) they’re a little more rested having lost early, 2) they carry a little momentum/anger into the tourney after losing like they did, and 3) Buddy Hield just loses his mind and goes on one of those special runs. I also just don’t trust Oregon as a program to reach the final four yet.
  • Not really going out on limb here, but I love Michigan State. Best player in the tournament, arguably the best coach, a veteran team, a team with Final Four experience, and a relatively easy bracket to roll themselves to the Elite Eight. I would’ve liked Virginia in another bracket, but this feels too much like Michigan States Year.

So that’s it. That’s my bracket. I’m either going to win every pool or flame out miserably on Day 1. Last year I lost one of my Finals teams (Iowa State) in the second game of the entire tournament. At least this year I have until 9:20 tonight to watch Wichita State probably lose to Arizona. But fuck it, why even make a bracket if you don’t take a few chances.

Happy March Madness everyone. It’s fucking LIT

P.S.   This thing on the Bracket absolutely cracked me up:


“Don’t Bet On It”. That what we’re doing here NCAA? We’re just gonna pretend like there isn’t like $20 billion being wagered on the tournament these next two weeks. Everyone’s just doing this for fun. Alright, sounds good guys.

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