Goose Gossage Stays Hot, Says He Doesn’t Want A Bunch Of Cam Newton’s In The MLB


Walking around screaming and kicking dirt on the plate like a four year old? An important tradition to uphold the classiness and respectful nature of the sport of baseball. Flipping your bat after hitting a 700 foot home run? Disgusting, despicable, classless behavior.

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NY Post  —  “No manager can run on the field anymore and kick dirt on the umpire,’’ the Hall of Famer told The Post on Tuesday at George M. Steinbrenner Field. “That was exciting. That was part of the game. That woke everybody up and everybody loved it… Now you sit there for five minutes and wait for a f—ing replay. And half the time, you can’t even tell… Who’s died in the last 100 years because of a bad call? They say, ‘Well, they lost a World Series and the kid lost his perfect game.’ I said, ‘Who died?’ Leave the human element in the game. You cannot take the human element out of baseball because it is the fabric of the game.” Gossage remains upset with the state of baseball in 2016 because he cares so much about the game. “They can say all they want to about ‘old school’ and the game has passed me by,’’ Gossage said. “Let me tell you something: The game has not passed me by.” Gossage ripped the Bat Flip Generation and the “nerds’’ running baseball last week to ESPN and has doubled and tripled down on his comments. After the initial firestorm, he was called into a meeting with Yankees general manager Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi. But he wants to make it clear that he is only speaking out because of his love for the game that did so much for him. “I’ve had a lot of people call me and support me,’’ he said. “I have not heard one negative thing on my phone. “It’s a shame, it breaks my heart to see the direction this game is going. What, do we want a bunch of Cam Newtons running around?”


First of all… Gotta appreciate the beauty of that kicking dirt comment.

Making an already interminably long game even longer by walking around screaming and kicking dirt on the plate like a four year old? An important tradition to uphold the classiness and respectful nature of the sport of baseball.

Flipping your bat after hitting a 700 foot home run that scores your team a run and gets in the opposing teams head? Disgusting, despicable, classless behavior from a bunch of animals who don’t know how to act.

Look, part of me gets where Goose is coming from. I disagree, but I get it. When you grow up like me, rooting for teams like the Yankees and Giants and Rangers who were all pretty buttoned up regarding celebrations, and the Knicks who just fucking sucked, you’re prone to distance yourself from showmanship. When you only see it done by the teams you hate, that sticks with you.

But then what happens is… you grow up. And you keep a somewhat open mind. And you realize that the people who complain about celebrations tend to be stuck up losers. People with this ridiculously entitled idea that the guys who have worked their entire lives to reach the highest level of sports competition have to remain conformed specifically to what was expected of athletes when sports were first televised. Regardless if it’s a kid who grew up in a culture that thrived on celebration… or a kid with a naturally outgoing personality who thrives on enjoying his success… or even an introverted kid who needs to get himself hyped up by pounding his own chest… or a kid who has thrived on getting in his opponents head. No matter what these kids might know, or want they want to do, they must to fit the mold of what generic white sportswriter x glorified in athletes in the 1950’s. 

Get the fuck out of my face.

It’s sports. It’s competition. And if you can’t handle an athlete celebrating a monster home run or a momentum changing three pointer or, yes, even a relatively unimportant first down run by Cam Newton, too bad. As they said in “the good old days”… suck it the fuck up.

I can absolutely guarantee you that nobody cares how offended you are. Just shut up and stop being a wet blanket. If you yourself don’t like to celebrate, or don’t “agree” with celebrations, that’s fine. But stop telling everyone how classless it is to flip a bat after smashing a home run or how disrespectful it is to dance after a touchdown. Nobody cares. We’re having too much fun dancing on your team’s graves.

Hey Goose, nobody has ever died from a bad call, right? You know what else nobody has died from? A fucking bat flip.

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