Rick Reilly Thinks Kaepernick Won’t Go To Denver Because His Birth Mother Works There


In such a small little town like Denver, he’s bound to run into her sooner or later.

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You know what, Rick’s got a point here. You can’t risk something like that. Between the local watering hole, and Lankley’s convenience store, and of course the town square, there are just too many opportunities for Colin to run into his mother. Denver is a small town, word travels fast. And before he can even get himself settled, old Sheriff Tinsley is gonna come knockin on his door to let Colin know that his birth mother had come lookin for him. Denver just isn’t big enough to risk running into her. Better cross the Broncos off the Kaep trade list.

P.S.   Rick Reilly’s obsession with shaming Kaepernick into connecting with his birth mother is only like the 13th weirdest thing about Rick Reilly

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