Race Relations Are Looking Better Than Ever At This Trump Rally



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I don’t have a ton of strong beliefs. I think the more strong beliefs you have, the less likely you’re willing to change. Shit… I don’t even believe that strongly in what I just said. I don’t know, I like to kind of see shit as it is and use common sense. I take things issue by issue and just go with whatever makes sense to me. Live in the middle, and look at things on a case-by-case basis. My mind can be changed if you lay something out in a logical way. I don’t want to act like I have the answers to everything, because I don’t. I just kind of know what I know when I know it if it makes sense to me – if that makes any sense.

But I do have one pretty strong belief. It might actually be the strongest belief I have:

If you go to a political rally… you are a fucking loser. You’re weird, you’re stupid, you’re gullible, you’re naive. You just suck. You probably fall on the extreme of the “political spectrum” either way, which automatically makes you 1) a fucking lunatic and 2) an insufferable douchebag. And the fact that you’re out there stumping for some fucking suit (or pants suit) making empty promises while waving a banner tells me you’re a sucker to top it all off.

So yeah, it’s definitely worse at a Trump rally. These people are the absolute worst of society. They’re naive idiots who also happen to be really shitty people. But if you go see someone else give a political speech you’re barely a step above. Maybe you don’t want to re-segregate the public water fountains, but you’re still the same type of idiot who thinks that this is the politician or “outsider” who is gonna be the one to change everything. And I hate you for going out and showing that.

Oh and if you are that person and you’re also willing to wait in a line like this, you need to get out of line and walk into traffic.


P.S.   Do you think red sweater kid and white trump hat kid get into fights over who’s the bigger stereotype? They have to, right?

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