Phil Jackson Admits The Triangle Is Stupid… Just Kidding, He Wants To Bring Back Rambis And Won’t Look For A Point Guard


It’s not necessarily that the Triangle is that stupid. It’s that our delusional narcissist team president is too stubborn to hire a non-triangle coach or admit that you need a real point guard. And yeah, it’s also that the Triangle is stupid.


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I’m done. I’m fucking done with this goddamn team. Done with this fat ewok of an owner. Done with this delusional narcissist of a president. Done with this fucking idiot coaching this team into the ground. Done with this fat loser as our franchise player. Done with trash point guards. Done with bad role players. Done with it. I can’t do this shit any more.

What’s the point? Our team president is so stubborn, so fixated on proving to everyone that his stupid, outdated offense–that has only ever been successful when run through two of the best eight players of all time–can work in 2016, that he’s willing to forgo logic to prove it.

And the worst part is… it doesn’t even require some major change in philosophy. Everyone runs basic elements of the triangle. It can still be a major part of your offense. The problem is that Phil is such a stubborn douchebag that he’d rather lose with his guys, doing it his way, than make simple, logical concessions. It’s not the insistence on the triangle that is going to kill this team. But rather his insistence on only hiring a “triangle coach” — a pool of two of the worst coaches in NBA history in Brian Shaw and Kurt Rambis. And his insistence in running his offense through anyone else other than a legitimate point guard — you know, the way that every team does it**.

That stubbornness is going to send this team into another 5 year spiral. Because despite all of the blatant indications that 1) Rambis is THE WORST COACH IN THE NBA 2) Melo is not a franchise cornerstone in this situation 3) Point Guards are very, very important… despite all that… this delusional narcissist is gonna roll the whole thing back next season with Kurt, Melo, and some over the hill, overpaid “point guard who is really just an undersized shooting guard” like Mo Williams.

And we’ll have to wait even longer to ever see our sweet prince even scratch the surface of his potential. Fuck, I hate this team.


**I will admit, I’m actually okay with him not chasing a point guard. Not because I agree with his philosophy, I think it’s absolutely idiotic not to have a point guard. But I have so little trust in Phil that I could legitimately see him signing a horrible fit like Rondo or Brandon Jennings to a long-term contract.

If this is the team we’re going to be next year, I’d rather just go with Jerian and Jose’s expiring contract than get locked into four years of Brandon Jennings

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