The New Starbury’s Are LIT… Yeah, Like They’re Actually Lit



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It’s Lit! Like…. literally, physically lit. Stabury Szn is back and better than ever with that super stylish metallic leather and light up sole combo. This shoe just screams money, yet you’ll be able to buy it for the same price as a Chipotle lunch without guac. And just like Chipotle, the new Starburys are undoubtedly made from the best material. Steph is not doing this for him, he’s doing this for us. he’s doing this for the people at the bottom of the pyramid

For the people who can’t shell out half the rent for a new pair of Jordan cement 3’s, but still want to both display a stylish sophistication and let the people know how lit they are.

I am one of those people. And I can promise you this: When the Starburys are officially available for purchase, I will buy five pairs. It will cost me about $37.99, and it will be the best $37.99 I’ve ever spend. And the only thing I ask in return is that any time I walk into a room with my light-up Starburys for the rest of time, I need to hear this. Just to let em all know how lit it is.

P.S.   This blog was such a shitty effort on my part but then again so are these shoes so you know what, it works.

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