Bad News Guys: The World Might End Tomorrow


Laugh it off all you want… But one day one of these conspiracy theorists is gonna be right. And you’re gonna feel so stupid when you’re dead

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The Sun  —  An asteroid the size of a blue whale is shooting past Earth tomorrow and conspiracy theorists believe “it could be the last hour”. There are allegedly two other signs that the end is nigh, including a super moon that will appear to grow in size as it reaches the closest point to the planet. Earth is also expected to enter darkness as the moon passes in front of the sun, blocking its light and creating a solar eclipse. Some believe these are biblical omens that could suggest doom and gloom for the future of humanity. Anita Fuentes, an internet pastor, and her husband Ignacio, spoke on a YouTube video about ‘the end’. In the strangely chirpy video, Anita revealed the day coincided with her birthday. She said: “We could be in the middle of singing happy birthday and see some extraordinary things happening in the sun, moon and stars. “(The asteroid) could whizz by and blow out my candles for me.” Their video also features an image of a red moon with the caption “We are living in the final seconds” along with a link to a website called “Open your eyes people”.

Ohhh another conspiracy theorist. What an idiot, right? LOL.

Laugh this off all you want guys. Go ahead, yak it up. But one day… one day one of these nerds is gonna be right. It’s like the guy who plays Double 0 on Roulette. Sure you’re safer playing black and red, or 1-18 and 19-36, or odds and evens. And you’re coasting along. You’re breaking even, maybe you’re up, maybe you’re down. But one of those rolls man. One of those rolls is going 00. And then you’re dead. And you’re gonna feel so stupid when you’re dead.

P.S.   shoutout to this guy, who will at least die having lived the most lit day ever.

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