Kanye Is A Sociopath, Example 48729


Another totally normal human interaction from Kanye

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I’m pretty burned out on Kanye at this point. I don’t care about his random fake feuds. I don’t care about his aimless tweets. I don’t care about his homeless person clothing line. I don’t care that he’s the world’s biggest hypocrite. I really just don’t care anymore. I just kind of gave up. Sure, every once in a whole it’s fun to watch a video like this and remember that, behind all the bluster and the fire beats and the occasionally interesting lyrics, you’re really just dealing with a sociopath who happens to be good at making music. A sociopath who we only really care about because he married a Kardashian. A sociopath who was probably the kid in high school who responded to a sarcastic, “nice shirt Kanye” joke with “yeah well your mom has cancer” because he doesn’t know how to have a normal human interaction.

So yeah, I’ll laugh at this. And I appreciate the blog material. But I’m pretty close to the point that nothing he does will move the needle for me.

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