Keanu Reeves Just Absolutely SHREDED This Gun Range


More than the money, more than the women, more than the fame. The best part about being an actor is getting to play pretend life and take on a full-time hobby for months at a time.

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You know what the biggest perk of being an actor is? It’s not the money. It’s not the women. It’s not the fame. It’s not the unapologetic pretentiousness that you’re allowed to take on.

It’s this kind of shit.

You basically get to dive into a character for months at a time. Whether it’s literally becoming Abraham Lincoln like Daniel Day Lewis, or taking expert bartending classes like Tom Cruise, or developing a fake Boston accent like Ben Affleck, or having a ton of porn star sex like Mark Whalberg. You basically just take on a hobby for a few months, become an “expert”, read a couple lines, and then move on to you next venture. And maybe along the way you win an award or two like Keanu probably for John Wick 2. What a life.

P.S.   Guns are so soft. I’m official #TeamSwords now. If you’re not doing battle with a sword you’re a pussy in my book. This is why life was so much better back in the day. #BringBackSwords #SwordLife #TeamSwords

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