DMX Announcing The UFC 196 Cold Open Is A HIT


To be honest, I just assumed that the only reason UFC existed was because of DMX. Everyone knows that you have no choice but to fight someone after listening to DMX.

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shoutout to The Guy for the video

Wait, did DMX not do the cold open for UFC 1 through 195? What the fuck happened there? I just assumed the only way these guys and girls got in that ring was by listening to DMX? That’s how I cam to grips with the whole UFC thing in general. It’s such an absurd concept to see two guys get in there and legitimately attempt murder each other. But I just assumed the whole thing was justified because they listened to “…And Then There Was X” before they got in the ring. It’s absolutely ludicrous to think that all this time, these guys have gone to war without listening to DMX.

So now the question is: how fucking insane is Saturday Night gonna be. I mean think about everything you’ve seen from UFC so far. All the blood, all the guts, all the heart, all the savagery. Now we’re injecting that with 60 CC’s of Dark Man X and a whole lot of bark. Crazy.

It just blows my mind that nobody at UFC has… tapped in… to this yet.

Saturday should be special.

P.S.   McGregor-Holm parlay. Thank me later.

P.P.S.   I don’t know MMA so don’t blame be if you lose.

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