A Comedic Hero Padlocked This Stanger’s Stretcher Earring


Do you think stretcher earrings are considered “basic” for emo/punk kids? Like, are stretcher earrings the Ugg boot of the “look at me, look at how much I hate my life” community?

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Weird thought here:

Do you think stretcher earrings are considered “basic” in the emo/punk community?

Like, when someone in that whole “look at me, look at how much I hate my life” emo community sees someone else with a stretcher earring, is that like seeing a white girl with a monogramed bag or a north face jacket? Because it feels to be like the whole stretcher earring thing is pretty low-effort for an emo kid these days. There’s a lot more you can do to show us all how badly you want us to notice you’re in pain. And to me it kind of just seems like stretching out your earlobe to put a metal loop inside of it is like when a white girl buys her first pair of uggs. Like yeah, okay Meredith, I appreciate the effort, but you’re going to need about $1400 dollars worth of Lulu in your wardrobe before I start taking you seriously.

If this guy was real about living this lifestyle, he’d keep that lock on there forever. Just saying…

P.S.   How crazy is it that English and Irish guys still call cigarettes “fags”? Like, where is the PC police on this one? I guess it’s still socially acceptable to denigrate a bundle of sticks in 2016.

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