Westbrook’s 28-Foot Brick Caps Off OKC’s 17 Point 4th Quarter Collapse To The Clippers


When Durant signs with Golden State this summer, we can look back at this preposterous running 28-foot attempt from Westbrook with 8 seconds left as the exact moment Durant’s decision was made.

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I don’t want to be Hammy Bad Beats over here complaining about my gambling losses, but humor me for a second…

There nothing worse than the resurrection murder. Absolutely nothing.

I had the Thunder (-1) parlayed with Over 218.5. A smart bet? No. But it’s a west coast game and two awesome teams and sometimes after a really good night (shoutout to Boston, Toronto, Indy, New Orleans) you just have to let the majority of your profit ride on the most fun proposition at the end of the night.

Obviously I’m out on this bet almost immediately. Thunder up 20, only 96 total points at the half, this bet is dead. It’s one of those low points where you hate yourself for not just taking the thunder straight up like a smart person would do. All second half I’m half paying attention. Nothing really changes in the 3rd. Thunder are still up 17, total still on track for around 200. Still have no hope for the bet.

But then the Clippers go on a run… and that thought slowly creeps back…

“you know what? maybe we can pull out an OT here?”

The chances are slim. But then the Clippers keep scoring. And they keep scoring. And OKC starts falling apart. And before you know it, we’re looking at a four point game… then a two point game… then a one point game… then the Clippers are up one… then the Clippers are up four… and then the Clippers are up three… and this is starting to line up really well for overtime… and then the Clippers miss a bucket… and there’s 18 seconds left… and Westbrook grabs the ball… AND HOLY SHIT HE’S GOING TO GIVE THE BALL TO DURANT… AND DURANT IS TOTALLY GONNA HIT A THREE AND SEND THIS TO OVERTIME… AND HOLY SHIT I’M BACK FROM THE DEAD… I’M ABOUT TO WIN THIS B–


aaaaaaaand just like that, dead again. Resurrected like motherfucking Lazarus, about to embrace this new chance at life and BOOM – stabbed in the heart. Stabbed by a guy who, despite growing into one of the four or five best players in the world, reverted back to young Russ in the moment and took a running 26-footer with 9 seconds on the clock instead of passing it to his transcendently talented teammate open at the top of the key. Fuck.

My bad beats aside, this will be a memorable moment for everyone.

Because on July 6th… when you’re still shaking off the Fourth of July… and you’re sitting at your desk scrolling through Twitter… and you see that Woj bomb that says “sources telling The Vertical that Durant will sign with Golden State. 5 years, $115 million”

… we can look back and pinpoint the exact second he said “fuck this, I’m out”

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