Melo Says James Dolan Made Him Issue The Apology, Knicks Dumpster Fire Rages On



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Now look… does this whole thing look a disaster right now? Yeah. Of course it does. It’s just another reminder of how big of a fucking joke this whole franchise is. With each passing day we’re just throwing more fuel on this dumpster fire.

But you know what…

Fuck it. Let it burn. Burn this whole goddamn thing to the ground.

This is the best thing that can possibly happen to this franchise. Bottom out. Burn it all down. Let this whole thing go as bad as possible. You know why? Because it has to get worse before it gets better. If things plateaued now, and Melo still felt comfortable enough to stay, and Phil still thought he could build on the team as currently constructed, and Rambis kept things afloat enough to keep this job next year, we’re talking about another 5 years of absolute misery.

But if it all goes to shit over these next few weeks… and Melo can’t deal with all the blame being placed on him… and Phil can’t see any short term fix that… and neither of them want to deal with Dolan… then there’s a way out.

Then Carmelo bites the bullet and drops his No Trade Clause.

Then Phil jumps ship back to LA where Jeanie Buss will have cleaned house.

Then we bring in a GM/President who is not in a weird blood feud with the Van Gundy coaching tree.

Then we hire Thibs, who is literally begging to coach this team.

Then we complete the Melo to Cleveland, Love to Boston, and the Nets pick, Celtics pick, and expiring contracts to New York trade that EVERYONE knows should happen.

Then we throw the max at Mike Conley to come run pick-and-roll with Kristaps for the next 10 years.

And before you know it, we’re starting fresh with a real head coach, a real point guard, a real franchise player in Kristaps, another potential franchise player with the Nets pick, a few nice young pieces in Jerian and the Celtics pick, a quality vet center in Lopez, and a ton of cap room heading into 2017. And even if the Conley thing doesn’t work out. We can still spend next season with a young, low-expectations team, lose our way to another lottery pick, and head into 2017 with a boatload of cap room and a vacancy at point guard with Russell Westbrook’s name on it.

It’s unbelievable how simple and logical that scenario is. Which of course means it won’t happen.

But with this whole overblown incident and stupid forced apology and the way that Melo made it so public, we at least got a little bit close to it potentially happening. And at this point with the Knicks, you really need to do anything to keep hope alive.

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