Rovell Just Played Porzingis 1-on-1 And It Was Something


Darren Rovell has the athletic posture of Quasimodo on promethazine. This one is really going to hurt his #Brand 

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Watch the full periscope here

The funniest thing about this whole thing was… well it was that it was actually funny. Say what you want about Rovell and his whole schtick, but don’t say the guy’s not self aware. We are talking about the Master of #Brands, after all. Rovell knows exactly what his #brand is and has gotten the absolute most out of it. There is absolutely zero reason this video should have been funny, yet I laughed out loud the entire time. How can you not?

I mean look at this guy. Dude has the athletic posture of Quasimodo on promethazine


He looks like the dude from 300 trying to wield a spear and lift a shield at the same time. Out here running around and screaming like Sandy Lyle.

all while trying to find the camera and talk to all the fans calling him a squid on Periscope.

What a way to end the day.


P.S.   The final stage of the Americanization of Kristaps? “NOT!” jokes.

Hey Darren, good job out there…


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