Creationist Who Says Obama Was A Gay Prostitute Will Join Texas Board Of Education


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bruner1  —  A former teacher who believes President Obama used to work as a gay prostitute seems well on her way to joining the Texas State Board of Education.

Mary Lou Bruner, a Republican candidate for the State Board of Education, has some unusual beliefs that have in no way inhibited her run. The District 9 candidate in the GOP primary has earned 48 percent of the vote in a three-person race. Despite a commanding lead, she fell just short of the 50 percent threshold necessary to avoid a runoff. 

Bruner’s most frequently reported-on belief – that Obama “hasn’t come out of the closet about his own homosexual/bisexual background” –appeared in a Facebook post she wrote on Oct. 26, 2015. She stated that “Obama has a soft spot for homosexuals because of the years spent as a male prostitute in his twenties.”


Oh… I’m sorry… do you have evidence that noted Muslim socialist Barack Hussein Obama was not a gay prostitute in his early 20’s? Do you have any proof? I’d love to see some. Do you have his straight card? Or did that just happen to disappear with his birth certificate too? I’m not saying Barack Hussein was a gay prostitute. But how do we know he isn’t.

Look… part of the education system is teaching our children to have the curiosity to question what we might take for granted. That’s how we move forward as a society. That’s how we learn… how we discover… how we progress. If we as a society did not question our leaders, we would end up with a broken, corrupt political system. And if individuals like Mary Lou Bruner were not here to question the backgrounds of our politicians, who knows what kind of person might deceive their way into the White House.

Texas Forever


P.S.   Whenever I remember how badly I’ve wasted my education by becoming a blogger who writes in-depth Bachelor Recaps and jokes about the outrageous laugh of a baseball player, I rationalize it all by telling myself “Yeah, well the education system is broken anyway”

Does that justify it? Not really. But it provides a temporary relieve for the daunting realization that I learned basically nothing over the course of 16 years of school.

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