I Really Wish Boogie Threw That Punch Last Night


Just admit it… you know you wanted to see it too. Come on, don’t lie to me.

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This game was already begging for a fight. Rondo was being a dickhead as usual, Boogie was being Boogie, Durant started getting chippy, Adams definitely wanted to throw, the whole Thunder team was on edge coming off that Warriors game, Boogie was on edge after the Chris Paul incident this weekend, the Kings are just always on edge in general. It was a perfect fight atmosphere. Everyone watching that game was ready for the Malice In The Palace part 2. And if Boogie didn’t catch himself in that split second, that’s exactly where we were headed.

Just admit it… you know you wanted to see it. Come on, don’t lie to me. You and I both know you wanted to see them fight. Who wouldn’t? Isn’t it more fun to watch the world burn? If Boogie hits Adams the way he was lined up to hit him, we’re talking about the biggest story of the year. There is no way someone on the Thunder doesn’t respond in kind, and we’re suddenly talking about a full on brawl involving four of the biggest names (Durant, Westbrook, Cousins, Rondo) in the NBA. We’re talking about the race aspect. We’re talking about violence. We’re talking about mental health. We’re talking about strong, STRONG takes from every corner of the media landscape. I want to see that, always. I want to watch the world burn. Because that’s just the piece of shit I am.


P.S.   …And then boogie gets cut and he’s a free agent and no smart team wants to touch him so the Knicks take a flyer on him because they’re not a smart team but also because they know Kristaps can keep him under wraps and so they sign him and Kristaps and Boogie become best friends and dominate the league together and win titles together forever and ever and ever wait what just happened where am i what are my pants off



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