Hey Guys Remember When Steph Curry Did This On Saturday Night?


Still can’t get over that game man. So awesome.

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We’re like 48 hours removed from that game and I still can’t get over it man. I rewatched the entire game start to finish at 3am later that night. And I’m rewatching it again on NBATV now. That was fucking awesome. Everything you could ever ask for from a regular season game. Steph’s performance, Durant’s performance, Russ’s performance, Draymond’s robot speech, Steph’s injury and return, a huge comeback, two superduperstars trading buckets, big runs, big responses, tons of huge shots, an insane final minute, and insane final play, Iggy’s ice-water-in-the veins free throws, overtime, a great crowd, insane tension, a genuine playoff atmosphere, an awesome play-by-play performance from Breen, and all topped off by one of the best game winners you’ll ever see.

It was just one of those games that makes it all worth it. You watch shitty (Knicks) game after shitty (Knicks) game after shitty (Knicks) game just to get to one of these. And it makes all the shitty (Knicks) games you’ve watched before worth it. It was a game that not only lived up to the hype, but exceeded it immeasurably. Awesome night. And yeah it definitely helps to have miraculously half-covered the ridiculously stupid Warriors -3, Over-234 parlay that I had no business winning. Good lookin out Steph.

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