Fake Future Is The Best Prank I’ve Seen In A While


No not the guy on Kanye’s album. This is a different fake Future

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You know what this made me realize? The drop to Commas actually puts people in a trance. Whether or not you’re a fan of Future or of that Atlanta lean music or whatever, I can almost guarantee you started dancing when the beat dropped there. You can’t help it. That shit just hits. No matter where you are, or what you’re doing, or how intently you’re trying to see if that is actually Future on stage, you’re gonna stop and start bobbing your head the second Commas drops. I’m actually still not even sure if that was Fake Future or the real Future on stage, because I can’t stop myself from dancing every time that beat drops. That’s what makes it all such a great prank. You only need about 3 seconds to make everyone think it’s Future before the beat drops and distracts you into believing it must be him. That, and the fact that Future has never shown his eyes in public ever. Sensational prank.

P.S.   The last legitimately hilarious prank video? Fake fly ball guy. Still cracks me up.


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