British Politics Continues To Be The Absolute Best


Now THIS is what I call political theatre.

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Now this is what I call politics baby. This is what I want to see from my elected officials. You want to talk about political theatre? This is what that’s all about.

I wanna see American politicians held to the fire like this. Forget your canned debate answers or pre-prepared speeches. I don’t need that shit. I want to see you if you can respond to being publicly shamed by a crowd of your peers. I want to see if you can give those sanctimonious speeches to a crowd that can respond. It’s high school lunch table 101. If you start bullshitting, you’re gonna get called out or generally ragged on. And if you get roasted, I need to see you roast back. It’s where you earn your stripes in the debate game. If you can’t handle that, then how the fuck would you expect me to let you run my country?

Show me you can be combative. Show me you can handle the pressure. Show me that you’ve got a joke or two chambered at all times to properly respond when called out like Jeremy Corbyn was here.

That’s why this is the type of shit that should determine the next President. Get the brightest minds in the country together and basically just berate the candidates as they try to speak to the room. Whoever can handle it best should be the President.

Sure, the American version won’t be nearly as funny. Nothing is quite as funny as old British people quibbling like this. I’ve watched this about 15 times and laughed harder with each watch. But we’ll still get a kick out of the American version. This is exactly what political theatre should be.

P.S.   That feel when you spill crumpets on your knickers


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