You’ll Soon Be Able To Get Texts From Your Dog



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You might not expect this take here… but I kind of hate this. I mean yeah, don’t get me wrong, a “squirrel by the window, gotta run” text every here and there (literally every hour, on the hour) would be hilarious. I’d love to know how epic his nap was in the middle of the day. And of course I’d love to hear about all the intense staredowns on his last walk.

But what happens when I leave? Am I going to get a “Where’d you go? Are you coming back?” text every time I leave the house? It’s bad enough watching him get sad when I leave. If I’m going for an extended period of time it takes everything in me not to cry when I drive away. Now I have to get a notification to remind me that he doesn’t know if I’m coming back? That he misses me already? That he just wants to go outside and play fetch? That’s depressing as shit. It would be like having a nagging girlfriend but who you actually want to get back to. And I don’t know if I have the emotional IQ to deal with that kind of trauma every time I go out to grab lunch. Sorry Flipaw, great idea, but not for me.

P.S.   There’s zero chance I don’t download this the second it comes out.

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