This Two-Legged Sheep Was My Motivation For Getting Out Of Bed This Morning


Look at this guy, persevering through bad circumstances in his life right in my fat lazy face.

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I woke up nearly in tears because my legs are so sore from pickup basketball. Just sat there in bed whimpering for what might as well have been 3 hours. I was audibly calling myself a pussy because I couldn’t even muster up the energy to roll over. An all time pathetic performance from me.

And when I finally rolled my way over to my phone, what was the first thing I saw?

This little two-legged sheep called Angel, trotting around, persevering through his bad circumstances in life right in my fat lazy face.

I shit you not… this sheep got me out of bed this morning. Not work, not food, not Boomer & Carton playing at full blast from my alarm clock across the room. It’s this little sheep that gave me the strength to get up and grab life by the balls (gingerly walk to the bathroom and sit down in the shower for 25 minutes) today. That’s where I’m at in life.

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