Will Ferrell “Shout Outs” Was Surprisingly Hilarious


I’ll admit: I thought Ferrell had lost his fastball. But I think I’ve found the perfect creative outlet for him going forward.

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I have to come clean here… I thought Ferrell had lost his fastball. Between the mailed-in kid movies and the underwhelming SNL appearance and the not-as-funny-as-it-should-have-been HBO Baseball thing, I just hadn’t really seen anything out of him that suggested he still had it… and that would’ve been totally fine. No matter what happens going forward, he’s right up there with Murray, Murphy, Farley, etc. as one of the all-time greats. Even if he never made me laugh again.

But you know what… I think we’ve found his ideal creative outlet going forward…

Late Night TV.

It’s perfect for him. It’s a simple, unrestrained outlet for him to just fuck around with. It’s basically a slightly-extended SNL sketch where he can roll out his best material once every two months or so. He doesn’t need to pitch a movie or show or anything. He can just write his 5-8 minutes of material, have it ready to go, and fill in whenever one of his old SNL guys has a cancellation or needs a “big name” guest.

Yeah it doesn’t pay like the movies (or even pay at all) and won’t be seen by as many people, but it gives him free reign to still write funny and perform funny material without the effort or time or “mass appeal” required in these Kevin Hart/Mark Whalberg kid movies he’s been doing. Like I said, it’s just an extended SNL sketch. An SNL sketch he can craft for a few weeks and roll out whenever he wants.

I’m sure he’s going to keep doing these mailed in movies once a year (hopefully less often) to keep the paychecks coming, but this is really where Ferrell’s “third life”–or whatever you want to call it–lies as a comedian. A hilarious Late Night bit like 5-8 times a year.

Boom. Just gave Ferrell his fastball back.

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