The Coffee King of Italy Had His Ashes Buried In A Coffee Pot


I’m #TeamCremation for life… and also for death. Definitely for death too.

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NY Post  —  Renato Bialetti, the man behind the iconic octagonal coffee pot from Italy, has died, and his freshly ground ashes were buried in a fitting urn — a giant version of the Moka that made him famous.


THANK YOU. Finally, someone willing to break the cycle of stupid burials. The fact that we as people still hold onto this whole “put my dead body in a box and let it be eaten by bugs as it decomposes” tradition is fucking lunacy. There isn’t one good reason you can give me to do a traditional burial. Not one. From the wake–where people are expected to sit there and look at a cold dead body, as if that’s just totally normal and not the most uncomfortable thing ever–to the lowering of the casket, the whole thing is absolutely insane.

What the fuck are we doing here people?

I’m #TeamCremation for life… and also for death. Definitely for death too. Burn me up baby. Throw my ass in the fire, collect that dust, spread it on my laptop, and throw that shit in the ocean like Pac. That’s how I want to go. Burned to a crisp, and immortalized in my life’s work. No, I guess it’s not the same as being buried in the coffee maker you invented. I didn’t invent the laptop. I just write fire blogs on it. But it’s the same principle. This is my life’s work*, and I want people to remember me for that. So the laptop goes too. And for those asking… the answer is No. I’m definitely not just saying this as a convenient excuse to destroy my laptop and all the highly questionable search history that comes with it. That is absolutely not the reason I’m suggesting this, okay?

Just do it.

*I wrote this sentence, thought about what exactly I do for work, looked at what I was writing, and had a good laugh about calling this “my life’s work” as if I’m doing something of substance

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