Stoner Finds Guys Wallet, Mails Back Credit Cards, Keeps The Cash For Weed


I think we should all stop for a second and appreciate the effort put forth by Anonymous here. Mailing actual physical letters is daunting stuff.

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NY Post  —  A man who lost his wallet at a Brooklyn concert never expected to see it again — but he was especially shocked by what happened next. He got a “brutally honest” letter in the mail from the guy who found it, saying he blew all the cash on marijuana and kept the billfold for good measure. Reilly Flaherty, 28, who misplaced the wallet on Feb. 5 at a show by the band Wilco, was stunned when he got the plain white envelope two weeks later containing the letter, his driver’s license and credit cards. The note — which was signed “Toodles Anonymous” — first made Flaherty burst out laughing. But he grew angry over being ripped off. “I quickly went from being hysterical to like, this guy is selfish,” said Flaherty.

I think we should all stop for a second and appreciate the effort put forth by Anonymous here. I mean just think about that for a second. Dude took the initiative to 1) Find an envelope and a stamp, 2) actually write something down on paper, and 3) physically mail an envelope.

That is a shitload of work for something you absolutely do not have to do. I literally write shit all day every day for the entire day, and the idea of writing a physical letter is still fucking daunting to me. You know how much effort it takes to find envelopes and stamps and then a fucking mailbox? He probably had to go to the post office and shit too. If I were in Anonymous’s position here, I’d walk right past the post office and all the way to this kids apartment and just drop the whole thing off–weed money, MetroCard, and all–in his mailbox before I took the effort to write a goddamn letter.

So in light of all that, Anonymous should be rewarded for his work.

Sure, like any stoner, he got high and fixated on one thing (the letter) while completely ignoring the big picture (that this kid Reilly probably replaced all his cards and ID already). And, if not for social media, this letter and all the already-canceled cards would’ve gone straight in the trash.

But I’m not here to commend Anonymous for his smarts. I’m here to commend him for his effort. Reilly Flahrety might think you’re selfish for keeping the cash and the metrocard, Anonymous, but I think you’re considerate. That was an incredible gesture that, while shortsighted and probably useless, was something you absolutely did not have to do. Like Snoop would say, you earnt that buck like a motherfucka.

P.S.   I enjoyed this quote in the NY Post column:

He also worried the finder had his personal information. 

“He probably knows my blood type,” Flaherty added.

Because I legitimately do not know and have never known my blood type. Related: I turn 24 in a month.

P.P.S.   Look more like every junior trader in Manhattan ever, Reilly Flahrety.

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