Kendrick Burned Down The Grammy Stage Last Night


A round of applause for Kendrick and a quick shoutout to all the “white people, this song is not for us” heroes on Twitter

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Cheeeeeeesus christ man. What a fucking performance. If there was even a shred of doubt as to who’s the best rapper alive right now–which there shouldn’t be–this ended that discussion. It’s at the point that Kendrick is like a full lap ahead of everyone else in the game. Nobody else can give that performance right now. Nobody else can blend that powerful social commentary and aesthetically pleasing sound quite like him. That was awesome.

P.S.   My favorite new crowd on Twitter is the “white people, this song is not for us” crowd. It’s this whole arm of the PC police that want a pat on the back from the Black Lives Matter movement for telling other white people that they’re not allowed to dance or sing along to Beyonce’s Formation or any of To Pimp A Butterfly or any other song about issues that only people in the black community can relate to. As if the black community and BLM movement, with all of the actual real life shit that they’re dealing with, is going to stop to shake the hand of that blogger for The Daily Beast who told a few white people not to enjoy a rhythmically pleasing song because it’s not about them.

You guys are the real heroes.

Thank you for having the bravery to inform me that I don’t relate to these songs. I never had the ability to notice this while listening to any rap song ever. I guess I’m just lucky to have you to point this out. Because I could have sworn Ready to Die was about my childhood. I used to really visualize my late teenage years in white suburban New York while listening to Illmatic. I was immediately taken back to my struggles as a high schooler every time I heard Get Rich Or Die Tryin. DS2 might has well have been written by me about my college years. To Pimp A Butterfly was the soundtrack to my life these days.

I guess that’s all out the window now though. The groundbreaking news that this form of music was not made with my pasty white privileged ass in mind has changed my whole perspective on life. THANK YOU, other white person, for having the courage to point that out.

But you know what… if it’s okay with you guys… I’m gonna try this crazy impossible thing called multitasking. I’m going to listen to the lyrics and try to learn a little bit and get a window into a world I don’t understand through talented storytelling. And I’m ALSO going to dance or nod my head or even sing along because I find the song catchy.

Crazy concept, I know. Not sure I’ll be able to pull it off. But I’m going to trust my own brain enough to both learn from and enjoy a piece of entertainment. Incredibly enough, there are people out there who can do both.

I’m not out here providing my own social commentary on Kendrick’s verses or Black Lives Matter or any of it. I’m listening and maybe learning from and also enjoying a song. And if you’re enough of a self-important dickhead that you think you can tell me not to enjoy a fucking song because I can’t relate to the content, you can get the fuck out of my face.

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