McScuse Me, Bitch?


Do NOT question this lady’s second McRib order or else she will throat punch you

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A few days ago I was skipping channels and found Deja Vu, that old Denzel movie from like ’06. Remember how they could basically go back in time and basically recreate the situation and view it from different angles. If you haven’t seen the movie you’re probably already out on this hypothetical. But if you have, you know where I’m going.

I need a recreation of this moment so I could watch this lady in the MACdonalds parking lot on Dorsett from a different angle. I mean can you imagine watching this woman, looking like a fat parakeet, holding up her Nokia phone, trying to get bars with her MetroPCS service, ranting about punching a MACdonalds server in the throat?

You know what else would have been great for that? The panthers growl video guy. Dude was standing with a boob box in the middle of his trailer park rapping into his camcorder. Need a behind the scenes look at that.

P.S.   Having now written this who thing out I guess Inception would have been the more relevant comparison. Whatever. Deja Vu was a dope movie.

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