Danny Kanell Dropped The Lamest Quote Ever About Cam Newton


“Show me someone who says the word ‘class’ in reference to Cam’s press conference and I’ll show you a loser”  – Ham

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I said my piece on Cam yesterday. I said if you care about his press conference you’re the biggest loser in the world. It’s a press conference. An indescribably stupid event where Cam is expected to give bullshit responses (that everyone knows are fake) to questions like “how do you feel?” after he just lost the goddamn Super Bowl. All of this after he went out of his way to put on a smile and congratulate Peyton and the Broncos. And if you care enough about his irritated reaction to those questions enough to call him “classless”, as if your way of handling losses is somehow the “right way” to go about things, you are the lamest person ever.

You can agree or disagree with that Cam/Lombardi quote. I’ve lost enough big games in my lifetime to know that I’m just like Cam, but if you handle losses differently, whatever. I’m not self righteous enough to think that there is only one “right” way to handle a loss like all these “Cam’s Press Conference was not classy” people seem to think. Handle your own loss however you handle it. Just don’t get on your high horse about the way that someone else handles a loss. Nobody gives a fuck about your idea of what is and what isn’t “classy”

“Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser” – Vince Lombardi”
– Cam

“Show me someone who says the word ‘class’ in reference to Cam’s press conference and I’ll show you a loser” 
– Ham

Annnnnnnnnnnnd right on cue… down form the clouds of self righteousness comes Danny Kanell.


Give me a fucking break Danny.

This guy, man. I just can’t get a read on him. Is he a poor man’s professional troll who is trying embarrassingly hard to be Skip Bayless? Or is he just the lamest guy ever? I really can’t tell. Until today I thought his whole “Don’t pay college athletes” and “CTE isn’t a real thing” schtick was just that: a schtick to get attention because he’s got nothing else to offer.

But this… this might change my mind. I don’t think anyone who’s self-aware enough to become a professional troll would send this tweet. It’s just too lame. There’s a million ways to troll this whole Cam situation, and settling for “A true winner… AT LIFE” comes off less ‘strong take’ and more ‘this guy is kind of just a fucking loser’. Your goal as a troll is to piss people off and ignite the masses, not to come off as the kid from high school who reported kids for drinking outside of homecoming.

At the end of the day, though. I’ll give Danny the benefit of the doubt here and believe this is all just a schtick. It’s still hard for me to believe that a guy like Rusillo would sit there for three hours a day and not say “are you fucking kidding me Danny?” with someone who was actually as lame as Kanell comes off in this tweet. I’ll believe he’s just doing a terrible Skip Bayless impersonation and continue to ignore everything he does, just like I’ve ignored his CTE schtick. But this tweet at least made me think. There is a chance Danny Kannel is the lamest guy on TV.

P.S.   I’ve been trying for like a month now to find the sports comparison to describe the dropoff from SVP to Danny Kanell on that show, but nothing totally works. The closest I’ve gotten is that it’s like replacing Michael Jordan with Philip Seymore Hoffman in Along Came Polly.

“CTE is not real, LET IT RAIN”

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