Rodney Harrison Says He’d Take Out Cam’s Knees. Related: Rodney Harrison, Still A Piece Of Shit


Remember when Rodney chastised Jeff Fisher for that hit one of his players made on Bridgewater? Good times.

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Remember like two months ago, after Rams rookie Lamarcus Joyner knocked out Teddy Bridgewater, and Rodney had these comments about Jeff Fisher

“I wasn’t surprised because it happened to me in 2006,” Harrison said. “[Titans receiver] Bobby Wade came and chopped my knees and tore my knee up. I’m lying on the ground, and I look at Jeff Fisher and he’s smiling and laughing. So this is typical of Jeff Fisher-type teams.”

Remember that? Good times.

You almost have to applaud Rodney Harrison for that kind of hypocrisy. It really takes some balls. It’s like watching one drunk friend criticize the other for getting too drunk, then pass out on the toilet with a bottle of 151 taped to his hand. That analogy actually kind of sucked but whatever. The point is that Rodney Harrison is a piece of shit. He’s mad when a Jeff Fisher team takes a semi-late hit on a player in a regular season game, but is totally cool attempting to intentionally end someone’s career in the middle of the biggest game of that player’s life.

Look, if he just talked like this all the time I’d be fine watching him play the villain. You want to be that guy? Cool. Then be that guy. But to go out and tear down Jeff Fisher for something a player of his did, then turn around and basically encourage someone to end Cam Newton’s career. That’s trash.

Hey Rodney, 8 years to the day…

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