The Knicks Might’ve Lost, But At Least The Bandwagon Cam Was A Hit


And some thoughts on the Kristaps vs. Draymond matchup last night

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HAH! Look at these idiots. Stupid bandwagon fans looking so stupid having a great time cheering for the best and most exciting team in all of professional sports. Were you guys even around for the Baron Davis-Monta Ellis teams of the mid 2000’s? Do you even remember the Antawn Jameson era? Can you even name the members of Run TMC? WERE YOU EVEN THERE WHEN RICK BARRY PLAYED BRO? Doubt it. You’re probably just another phony who decided to start following this team when they got good. Got a Steph jersey when he won the MVP. Said Draymond was your favorite player when he got the starting spot. Started smoking weed when Luke Walton filled in for Steve Kerr. Never even went through the tough times like a REAL FAN. If you can’t tell me about the pain and suffering of your franchise then you don’t even deserve a championship. Bandwagon idiots.

As for the game… eh, whatever. I was okay with the effort. It’s Golden State. As much as I tried to convince myself that we had a chance, we were never winning that game.

It obviously sucked to see KP get those two fouls right away because it changed his approach for the rest of the game. But at the same time, getting his ass kicked by Draymond was probably the best thing for his development. He basically exposed all of KP’s (very fixable) weaknesses: physical strength, lateral quickness on the perimeter, biting on pump fakes, and foul trouble. All things that KP will address and improve on.

If anything, it’s good to watch Draymond expose that now. This is the guy he’s going to be going head to head with A LOT going forward, and taking that L last night taught him exactly what he needs to improve upon for next time. Between the regular season, the All Star game, and the Finals, these two know they’re going to be matched up a lot going forward. Last night was a dry run for what’s to come in June 2017 after the Knicks sign Mike Conley and a solid swingman to replace Arron Afflalo’s bum ass. Draymond respects Kristaps. Kristaps respects Draymond. And both of these guys know this is gonna be an awesome Finals matchup for the next decade once Kristaps takes over for Lebron’s bum ass in the Finals next season. All smiles.



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