Ted Cruz Attempting To Hug His Daughter Is Absolutely BRUTAL


This video is less “Ted Cruz creeps me out” and more “Ted Cruz probably tortures animals for fun”

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No joke, I could only watch that video one and a half times. That’s it. And the only reason I watched that second time was to get this screenshot.


So that I can one-up anyone who tells me they’ve found the creepiest screenshot ever. Seriously, LOOK AT THAT FACE.


That shit made his “world domination” video look like a Leo audition.

I want to curl up into a ball a die right now. I want to crawl out of my own skin right now. I feel like I just watched the first ten seconds of a really fucked up murder documentary and now I kind of think this whole “Ted Cruz creeps me out” thing might actually go deeper than his looks giving everyone the chills. Those were the actions of a dude who collects his own dead skin and licks his victims before he kills them.


“Who wants a kiss from daddy?”



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