Westbrook Side-Eye’d A Reporter Into The Ground When Asked About Steph Curry


This Warriors-Thunder game next week is gonna be HEATED

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Yo, this Warriors-Thunder game next week is gonna be HEATED. That side eye tells you all you need to know. Sure Russ and KD are always petulant with the media despite being the most coddled stars in the world. And sure, Russ always tries wayyyyy to hard to express his disdain for media scrums (you know… something that literally every player has to do). But something about that side-eye felt different. Something about that side-eye tells me that Curry guarantee really got under Russ’s skin. Something there tells me we’re going to get an even more amplified Russ next Saturday, as hard as that is to imagine. And something also tells me that Steph will still probably put 42 in Russ’s mug and win by 20.

P.S.   I put the “huge mistake” gif thing up there because that moment was funny. But this face right here at the end:


tells you everything about how Royce Young (one of the best beat reporters in the league) and every other media guy there is sick of Russ’s schtick with them. Obviously most of these media scrums are full of stupid questions. But Russ’s whole “I’m too fucking cool for you guys” act is tired as fuck.

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