The Panthers Are #CreedBombing And I Can’t Get Enough Of It


If you don’t like Creed, there’s the door. Don’t let it hit you six feet off the edge on your way out.

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The Score – The Carolina Panthers have a new fan in Creed lead singer Scott Stapp, and it’s all thanks to their “Creedbombing.”   “Creedbombing” was created by linebacker Ben Jacobs, with some help from tight end Greg Olsen and athletic performance analyst Brett Nenaber. Jacobs will walk up behind one of his unsuspecting teammates and belt out a Creed lyric in Stapp’s deep, raspy voice.

First of all, if you don’t like Creed, there’s the door. Don’t let it hit you six feet off the edge on your way out.

This is a pro-Creed blog. A Creed Safe Space, if you will. Rip off a raspy lyric at the door and we’ll welcome you in with arms wide open. You’re either Team Creed or your out.

Second of all, R.I.P. in Peace to #Growling, the former team anthem of the Carolina Panthers. Yes, my man Ken Woodley #Growled the Panthers to victory last week, just like I said he would.

But there can only be one team song. And by one I mean four. As in the four Creed songs that everyone knows and can sing interchangeably. As great as the #Growling song was, Creed always gets the nod… in literally every scenario, Creed gets the nod.

So Ken, thanks for the help, but Creed’s got this from here. Don’t worry, I’ll always remember growling.

Third of all, this is unequivocally the best “-bombing” thing there’s ever been. It’s not even close. I don’t know if there’s actually another bombing besides photobombing, but if there is, it’s not even close to CreedBombing.

If you’ve never harmonized to a Creed song with your crew, you’ve never lived. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, as exhilarating as belting out a Creed song. It’s basically the most primal shit you can do short of actually killing someone. You get that low, raspy voice going and just let it rip. Nothing else like it. So yes, I absolutely love that this is now a thing. I was already rooting for Carolina, but this just sealed the deal.

And if you’re wondering (you are), I DO, in fact, have an incredible Creed voice. Send all compliments to me on Twitter @yourboyham11.


P.S.   One of the funniest moments of my life was singing along to Creed with a bunch of Brazilian guys on the launchpad before I went hanggliding in Rio De Janeiro. I know there’s a lot to unpack in that sentence, but that’s really the only way I can summarize it.

I went hanggliding in Brazil, and the Brazilian guys who piloted the hanggliding wings (or whatever you call them) absolutely fucking loved Creed. Barely spoke a word of english, yet were BELTING out every Creed lyric with accented perfection. I literally listened to and sang along to With Arms Wide Open right before I ran off a platform into the sky. Wild moment.

P.P.S.   Between the growling and the Creed impersonations I might cough myself into a concussion tonight.

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