LaMarcus Aldridge Disabled His Account After Getting Embarrassed By The Warriors


Come on LaMarcus. Really? You can’t deal with a couple dozen mean tweets that you don’t even have to look at? Grow up dude. Go back on social media and respond to the millions of online trolls like a man.

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You know what I’m shocked by today? The lack of LaMarcus columns.

I thought every third blog in the NBA Twitterverse today would be a thinkpiece on how LaMarcus can’t match up with the Warriors. Basically a redux of every “Kevin Love can’t play smallball” piece from a week ago. I don’t know if he’s getting a break because Duncan was out or if everyone just likes to pick on Kevin Love more, but LaMarcus was garbage last night. Might as well have sat with Duncan and let Boban play those minutes. At least that mythical beast brought some fire to the team. Magical dragon fire used to kill and cook whole animals for cosumption, conjured by an ancient spell in the mountains of Serbia. But fire nonetheless.


And look, I know how ridiculous it is to write off a player and his whole team after one game. I get that LaMarcus has had an otherwise awesome year. I get that it’s the Warriors in Oracle. I get that one game doesn’t tell the whole story. And I get that Pop is clearly saving stuff for the playoffs.

But even the fully healthy Spurs–the far and away #2 team in the NBA–can’t compete with Golden State if LaMarcus acts like that. Because as discouraging as it was to see him post a 5 and 3 line and a -20 plus/minus in 25 minutes, watching him ball up into a social media shell like that after the game is ten times worse.

Like… come on LaMarcus. Really? Are you really that big of a pussy? You can’t deal with a couple dozen mean tweets THAT YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO LOOK AT? Are you that insecure that you have to go into complete shutdown because you can’t resist checking your mentions? Come on dude. Get your shit together. You’re a goddamn (borderline) All Star. You can get the talent that the Monstars apparently stole from you last night back. But you can’t regrow your own balls if you cut em off.

Go back on social media and respond to the millions of online trolls like a man. Tell them to fuck off or brag about your money. Or maybe even just have the mental fortitude to not voluntarily click the alerts button when you’re voluntarily checking a voluntary social media site. That’s an option to. That may not fix your lack of mobility guarding Draymond on the perimeter, but at least you’ll have some self-respect next time you lose to Golden State by double digits.

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