Coach Pop Just Hit Lebron With A Vicious Burn


Hey Pop, how about you start accepting responsibilities for your own team’s failures and stop deflecting attention elsewhere?

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You get it? Because Lebron is the Cavs GM, and he fired David Blatt after losing to the Warriors by 30. You get it?

Hey Pop, let’s grow up and show a little maturity here. How about you take that loss like a man and stop deflecting attention elsewhere? Why don’t you accept responsibility for acquiring a star power forward ill equipped to handle small ball? Maybe stop pretending like you’re not the one pulling the strings around here? At least Lebron is out there giving his all for the team game in and game out.



What do you do? Sit on the bench with that stupid grin making a mockery of the sports of basketball with your Hack-A-Man-Who-Actually-PLAYS-The-Game-Unlike-You Strategy. Makes me fucking sick.


Maybe if you spent more time gameplanning for Steph Curry and less time devising ways to embarrass the hardworking sideline reporters of this league with your one-word, cringe-inducing answers you wouldn’t have lost by 30 points. It’s called karma, Gregg with two g’s, and you were just served a hearty dose of it last night…

Makes me wonder who the Pussy Ass Bitch really is…

(I don’t care what anyone says. “Watch your mouth… WOMAN” is still the funniest part of that video. I laugh out loud every single time.)

P.S.   Hey Gregg, maybe if you weren’t too busy drafting your postgame joke on your index cards all through the third quarter you could have realized it was Boban time. The earlier he’s in the game the closer this game is. Unguardable.

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