The Knicks Are The NBA’s Most Valuable Franchise at $3 Billion


Wow, I wonder how that came to be? (Hint: it’s Kristaps)

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Hmmmm… wonder how that came to be…


To be honest, this doesn’t mean much to me. Is it awesome that Kristaps is such a transcendent global phenomenon that he has single-handedly lifted this franchise to greater net worth, marketability, and profitability than the franchises of Steph Curry, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and every other superstar out there? Yeah. But at the same time, that’s more money in that fat little troll James Dolan’s pocket. Saying your franchise is the most monetarily valuable in the league doesn’t mean quite as much when your owner is a sentient piece of shit with zero musical talent and the basketball acumen of… well, of a trust fund baby who cares more about singing the blues and playing grab ass with Isiah Thomas than actually running a competent basketball organization.

I’ll wear this badge with pride for now, simply for the sake of appreciating how lucky I am to have Kristaps in my life. But I know that none of this really matters until Kristaps wins his first of 12 career championships. Soon enough… soon enough…

P.S.   Pulling that game out last night despite giving a shitty effort was so great. Clearly Kristaps is the best part of this team, and my favorite athlete maybe ever, and I have unshakable confidence in him going forward. But those moments where the team plays well without him on the floor, like the end of regulation and OT, are actually more important than the moments he’s out there. Like, I already expect him to deliver. I think all of us do. But knowing the rest of the team is really starting to get it is just an amazing feeling.

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