Can’t Possibly Bet Against Carolina After This New Panthers Rap Anthem


Everyone knows a great team anthem leads to a Super Bowl. Remember when Jim Jones made a Ballin Remix for the Giants? Exactly.

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Can’t possibly bet against the Panthers at this point. No way no how. As soon as you hear a team anthem, it’s over. Remember when Jim Jones made a Ballin Remix for the Giants?

What happened next? Super Bowl. The greatest Super Bowl win of all time. That’s what a team anthem does for a team. It’s an unifying force. Remember when Stra and Osi and Tuck and Mathias would get up and shoot the J after a big sack? Well you’re crazy if you think Cam isn’t celebrating like this after every touchdown they score this week.

Goodbye Dab… Hello Growl #GrowlOnThemFolks


P.S.   Thank god for Ken Woodley and the growl. Carolina’s #KeepPounding hashtag is one of the worst team slogans I’ve ever seen.

P.P.S.   What I’d do to see the exchanges between his trailer park neighbors while he’s out on his front lawn with a camcorder and a boombox…

“Hey Rick, whaddya think Kenny’s doing out there?”

“Lynda what the FUCK did I tell you about interrupting me with your nonsense during Maury!”

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