K.J. McDaniels Fouls Andre Drummond 5 Times In 29 Seconds

I have to admit… I’m a fan the Hack-A-Whoever strategy. Not necessarily of the actual strategy, which rarely works. But rather of watching the internal mental pressure that these 7’0″ mutant athletes have to deal with.

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The Hack-A-Whoever strategy obviously sucks in basketball terms. We all know that. It’s not real basketball. But people have to make their free throws. But it slows the game down. But why should we change a rule for three guys… Blah, blah, blah. We’ve heard all the arguments for and against it.

But I have to be honest here… I love it.

Ever since the middle of the playoffs last year, I’m a fan the Hack-A-Whoever strategy. Not necessarily of the actual strategy–which rarely works–but rather of watching the strategy play out.

I love the up-and-down of an NBA game as much as anyone. It’s part of what makes it my favorite sport. But I’m also willing to take a few minutes of slowed pace to watch a mutant athletic specimen like Dwight, DeAndre, or Drummond deal with the mental pressure of hitting those free throws.

It’s hilarious. These are guys who can do anything they want athletically. They are 7’0″ giants who move with the fluidity of an NFL running back. They aren’t even human. Yet they can’t do something as simple as hit a free throw, something that you and I have been better than them at since we were in third grade.

It’s a five minute internal mental battle that these guys go through, with no help, that we get to watch play out in the middle of the court. It’s not much different than watching a field goal kick or watching a pitcher struggle with his accuracy. It’s a mental battle. All in between real possessions on the other end that involve the player needing to focus on defense.

I just love watching these guys deal with that pressure. Would I be mad if they removed it from the game? No. But I’m totally fine with the way it is now. Let me watch a mental midget like Dwight clank 6 of 8 off the backboard before Bickerstaff has to pull him in the fourth quarter of a playoff game. Let me watch him fail. At least it’s more fun than watching Dwight attempt whatever garbage post move he still can’t do in year 11.

P.S.   This is an unreal stat.

P.P.S.   I would have bet almost anything that KJ McDaniels would be a decent role player in the NBA after watching him at Clemson and during those first few months with the Sixers. He just seemed destined to be an solid 7th or 8th man for a semi-contender. Someone like Lance Thomas. Yet here he is, getting sent in like a wet rag to commit five fouls in 29 seconds, all for the sake of some stupid strategy that didn’t work. So invaluable that the coach wasn’t even considering losing him for the rest of the game. That’s some real disrespect right there.

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