Toronto Mayor Norm Kelly Just Ethered Meek Mill Again


Yo, quick shoutout to Norm, man. How an old Canadian Mayor managed to insert himself in the biggest rap feud of 2015, and stay in it, is still beyond belief.

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Yo, quick shoutout to Norm, man. How a Canadian Mayor managed to insert himself in the biggest rap feud of 2015, and stay in it, is still beyond belief. I guess you could call this the effects of the social media era. The insanity that is Twitter, where a 60+ year old white guy can somehow become embroiled in a major hip hop beef.

But more than anything else, I think this is more a reflection of how soft Meek is.

We talk all the time about how rap beefs aren’t the same as they used to be. How guys aren’t really in danger, and that it’s all just empty talk. And that’s true to a point. But it’s also a ridiculous criticism to say that anyone would risk their multi-million dollar career to get another guy killed over some lyrics. It’s a different world. And to expect everyone to run around like they’re Suge Knight catching bodies on a monthly basis is completely unrealistic. Rap beef now is only about how much you can disrespect your opponent lyrically. How many comedic jabs you can get in at their expense. What Drake did with the “world tour or your girls tour” and “this ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more”, that’s as good as major rap beef is gonna get without guys actually going to jail. All Meek could possibly do in response is return bars with better bars. He wasn’t able to, and that’s just how it goes. Drake (and his writers) had better lyrics. Nothing Meek can really do there.

But the fact that Meek has continually allowed this cat Norm to just ETHER him over social media again and again and again… that’s beyond soft. I mean come on Meek. Have a little self respect. You’re a supposed lyracist and you can’t even trade jabs with a CANADIAN MAYOR??? Is “old racist white man” the best you’ve got? You’re really resorting to “I’ve got more money than you”? Come on Meek. That’s pathetic. If you don’t have a comeback, leave Norm’s name out of your mouth. Haven’t you been killed on social media enough?

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