I Could Watch This Irish Guy Attempt To Say “Specifically” Forever


I want to make fun of this guy, but saying words on camera is really, really hard.

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Three months ago, I would have mercilessly made fun of this guy. Would’ve shat all over Paddy McGiggles and his preposterous lack of verbal abilities. I mean the guy  had like twenty-five chances at that word, how hard can it possibly be? I was mentally incapable of speaking a foreign language*, but even I could just pronounce a word by the fourth or fifth try. And while speaking with a harsh brogue like that is basically a different language than english, you should probably be able to say a very common word that you undoubtedly hear every single day.

But that… that was three months ago. That was the old Ham. The pre-podcast Ham. Because having spent the last months attempting to talk on camera, I am in no place to criticize pronunciation. Saying words on camera is fucking hard man. It takes time. Just last week it took me so long to say one word on the podcast that I just gave up. As a matter of fact, I’m in no place to criticize any form of communication. Because until the day that I can go one blog without using the words “fuck” or “idiot” or “just”, I’m in no position to criticize this man.

Will I laugh at him relentlessly for the rest of the day? Of course. But you won’t read one word of criticism from me.

*I graduated middle school having not learned a single word of Spanish. Graduate high school having not learned a thing of Latin over three years and somehow snaking my way out of the mandatory 4th year. And purposefully chose a major in college that didn’t require a language. You want to know the best part? Junior year of college I decided I’d give Chinese a try. Because when Spanish and Latin don’t work, the logical next step is Chinese, right? Spoiler alert: I dropped the class three weeks later.

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