The What’s The Action Podcast – NFL Divisional Round

Your boys are back for what is easily the best episode of the WTA Podcast yet. We talked new coaching hires, Belichick’s black eye, a strong take on Panthers-Seahawks, and action on the rest of this weekend’s games

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Your boys are back for what I’ll say is easily the best episode of the What’s The Action Podcast yet. We’re moving full time to audio-only, which I hope will make it easier for a lot of you to listen.

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This episode we opened by talking Chip to San Fran, Hue Jackson to Cleveland, and Ben McAdoo looking exactly like PC Principle. And around the 14:30 mark we jump into The Action on this weekend games, a scorching hot theory on Belichick’s black eye, my strong take on Carolina-Seattle, a weird tangent about the word classy, and our blind guesses on Pittsburgh-Denver.

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And check back later today for Part 2 of the Podcast – our recap of the National Title.

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