How Has The DJ Khaled Stuff Still Remained Funny?

Every joke and meme and video and story and gimmick you’ve ever seen is now dead… Everything except DJ Khaled and his Snapchat.

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How? How is this shit still laugh out loud funny? How? Nothing ever survives on the internet these days. Think about it. Everything we’ve seen on the internet that’s been a funny “thing” gets killed in the span of a few days. Maybe a week if you’re lucky. The only “thing” that hasn’t died yet is the Jordan Crying Face. That’s it. And the only reason that hasn’t died is because it’s so ingrained in the culture now as the universal symbol for taking an L. You lose, you get the Jordan Crying Face treatment. I don’t think that’s ever going to die. But everything else has. Every joke and meme and video and story and gimmick you’ve ever seen is now dead.

Everything except Khaled and his Snapchat. It’s only gotten bigger. It’s unbelievable. It’s been five weeks since I did my DJ Khaled Takes Over Santacon Video. FIVE WEEKS! I got nervous when I hadn’t posted it until that Wednesday that people would be over Khaled by then. His snapchat had just become mainstream popular like five days earlier, and I thought people would be over by then. Now I’m sitting here five WEEKS later and watching arguably his best video yet. And yes I mean that, because I laughed out loud multiple times. It’s still funny to me.

My guess as to why it’s still popular is the blantant self-awareness of it all. Everyone knows that Khaled knows that we know exactly what he’s doing. Nobody is ever going to turn on him because they think it’s an act. We know it’s an act, and he knows that we all know that, and that’s why love it. He’s a brilliant self-promoter who’s figured out how to capitalize on that. Part of the joke is that Khaled isn’t the best at anything, and the whole weird twisted brilliance of that is that he actually is the best self-marketer in all of entertainment. That’s just celebrity in 2016, and Khaled is as good at it as anyone.



P.S.   Looking back on this now I could have made this 500x funnier. If I took like two minutes to sit down and just write down like 10-15 different Khaled lines instead of not thinking about it and using “they don’t want you to…” every time, this video is 500x better. I mean I still think it was good, but looking back even just the next morning I knew there was so much more I could do with it. Which is usually how I feel about every blog I write. I guess that’s what happens when you fly by the seat of you pants and never prepare for anything ever in your entire life. That’s why they call me the Justin Bieber of Blogging.

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