Prediction Time: Clemson 34 – Alabama 19, LOCK IT IN


Clemson is winning the National Championship tonight

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Here we go. Game time. Clemson – Alabama. The two undisputed best teams in the country. The rebellion vs. the evil empire. The undefeated underdogs vs. the dynasty of college football.

I’ve been saving this take until now, and after watching a full day of these stupid ass pregame shows, it feels more true than ever.

This is a team of destiny.

Anyone who’s followed Clemson this season knows this. The Dabo videos. The Dabo quotes. The Dabo dance moves. Literally everything about Dabo. The legendary win in the rain over Notre Dame. BYOG. The first degree murder of The U. The first degree murder of the term “Clemsoning”. Removing the FSU monkey. Taking over the entire state from USC. Winning that ACC title. Watching Deshaun Watson get robbed of the Heisman. Watching the country pick an Oklahoma-Alabama final. Getting points against a team we ended up beating by 20. Entering the title game as a huge underdog, all against the school where Dabo started his whole career.

This season ends with a National Championship

Clemson is winning this football game

Clemson 34 – Alabama 19… Lock it in


Let’s go Tigers

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Few quick thoughts on what I see happening from a gameplay perspective:

  • Deshaun takes the MVP, but the real MVP is the O-line for neutralizing that Bama front 7
  • Bama is better against the pass than expected, but Deshaun still throws two big deep balls and a couple of key third and longs
  • Jordan Leggett is the sneaky X factor on offense, quietly a matchup nightmare, hauls in 6 or 7 big catches
  • Deshaun finds himself running on broken plays more often than designed runs, and wears down the Bama defense like Cardale did last year.
  • Zac Brooks gets more first half carries than expected, helps establish a long drive late in the 1st quarter, and most importantly results in…
  • A rested Gallman wears down a winded Bama defense in the second half
  • That Clemson O-line, who has gotten zero credit all week, wins Clemson the game by 1) limiting the pass rush on Watson to prevent big losses, and 2) holds their own very well in the run game, and has more stamina to push that front 7 around in the second half
  • The same run defense that just completely shut down Oklahoma’s run game while also handling a great Quarterback is able to limit Bama’s run game while also handling a barely mediocre Quarterback
  • The best defensive coordinator in the country is able to gameplan for a one-dimensional offense
  • Henry gets his yards, but never rips off any monster runs
  • Jake Coker can’t make the throws against a real secondary, short of maybe one or two deep balls
  • Mackensie is totally fine and his hamstring is not an issue and yes I’m crossing my fingers so hard right now
  • Shaq Lawson actually is totally fine and he and Dodd and Watkins, plus Boulware and Kearse on the blitz, are on Coker all day
  • Clemson commits one bad turnover, but the defense comes up with a huge stop to hold Bama to a field goal on the ensuing drive
  • The “bend but don’t break” defense holds Bama to a field goal four times
  • Bama rips off a big special teams play, but Clemson neutralizes that with one of their own
  • Clemson wins the game, Alabama fans cry
  • Clemson establishes itself as the best program in the country, and Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida State, Notre Dame, Ohio State, LSU, Georgia, Auburn, and every other major college football program in the country that we will have beaten these last few years can’t say a word.


Clemson 34 – Alabama 19

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