Clemson Doesn’t Need A “Vince Young” Game From Deshaun Watson… But We’ll Still Get It


It’s really hard to imagine any other scenario where the undefeated #1 team in the country has a chance in this game. Probably just need Deshaun to play the greatest game of football ever. That’s really our only shot.

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Really enjoyed this narrative that popped up over the weekend: “The only way Clemson a chance here is if Deshaun has a Vince Young type of game.” 

Yeah guys, for sure. It’s really hard to imagine any other scenario where the undefeated #1 team in the country has a shot here other than an otherworldly effort from the best player in college football. After all, when has any Clemson player ever showed up in the biggest games?

Tough to see Clemson’s secondary handling a below average quarterback. Can’t imagine our pass rushers getting any pressure. Don’t see our defensive interior guys holding strong up the middle. Pretty outlandish to think the best defensive coordinator in the country will have a gameplan for a one-dimensional offense. Personally I wouldn’t expect the defense that shut down Oklahoma’s run game, manhandled the second best quarterback in the country, and held “the most explosive offense in the playoffs” to 17 points (0 in the second half), to even show up tonight.

And while we’re at it, I don’t think the Clemson o-line is gonna show up either. I mean honestly, who could expect the most disrespect unit in this game to have any motivation after the media has spent the whole week soaking their pants about Bama’s front 7? And in that case, might as well just count out the most underrated back in the country too. He probably won’t run hard, since the line is gonna quit on him anyway.

I mean really, who would ever expect one of Dabo’s teams to show up when it matters most? Everyone knows Clemson can’t beat the SEC. Everyone knows Clemson does poorly against the top programs. Everyone knows Clemson folds when it matters. Everyone knows Dabo doesn’t have his teams ready to play. Everyone knows that isn’t changing any time soon. Everyone knows Clemson has no chance here. Gotta just hope for 300 on the ground and 600 through the air from Deshaun. Only chance we’ve got. Fingers crossed.










P.S.   I still think we’re getting that performance anyway…


P.P.S.   By the way, really subtle there Finebaum. Was the Mike Vick comparison just too forward? Was a Cam Newton comp too high praise because it’s SEC? Was RGIII not enough praise because the Big 12 is trash? Is it still too soon to say Steve McNair? Is the Randall Cunningham comp too dated? Does Daunte Culpepper not work because he’s fat? Did you forget about Kordell Stewart? Can you not say McNabb because of his legal trouble?  Does Russell Wilson even really count? Is Teddy Bridgewater too slow to consider? Was a Jamarcus Russell comparison too mean? Could you not say Doug Williams because you’re not sure when he started become a black quarterback? I mean holy christ Finebaum, why don’t you just wear an all white robe today while you’re at it.


P.P.P.S.   Finebaum is picture in the dictionary next to “needle dick”

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