Take The Knicks Moneyline (+1375) In San Antonio Tonight. DO IT.


Come on. Do it. Knicks moneyline. Get that money kid. Do it. 

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Come on. Do it. Do it. Do it. You know you want too. It’s sitting right there. +1375. That’s your rent check for February and a few rounds for the roommates. Do it. Come on. Do it. They’ve won 3 straight. Do it. They’re moving the ball on offense. Do it. Melo is a willing passer. Do it. #StayMe7o. Do it. Kristaps is starting to show that edge. Do it. He’s going for 27-14 on Lamarcus. Do it. The starting five is actually gelling. Do it. Fish finally shortened the rotation. Do it. We just beat a really good Miami team. Do it. You know you want to. Do it. Let’s go baby. Do it. You know what, parlay that with the Clemson moneyline too. Yeah. Do it. Make it happen baby. Get that money kid. Do it. Do it. Do IT.

P.S.   Knicks +14.5 is free money

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