Stephen Jackson Told The Lakers Young Players Not To Listen To Byron Scott

How Captain Jack doesn’t have a Charles Barley-sized television contract yet simply blows my mind. 

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How Captain Jack doesn’t have a Charles Barley-sized television contract yet simply blows my mind. You know what, I take that back. I totally get why none of these networks would want him on TV. Most of his stories aren’t what you’d call “viewer friendly” for a mainstream audience. As much as you and I want to hear about Jack choking out Steve Francis at the club or talking to the cops with a kilo in his hand or any of the other dozens of stories he has along those lines, I get why Generic Bristol Suit X doesn’t want that on air. Jack obviously has the presence and charisma to be on air, but it’s hard to see one of these networks roll the dice with the guy who was a huge part of the Artest Melee and probably a top 5 strip club guy in NBA History. I get it.

But I need more Stephen Jackson. Gotta have it. He’s way too good on the commentary side not to have his own platform. Even if it’s just a 10 minute periscope during halftime of a random game once a week. Just give me something. Because I will listen to clips like this of Captain Jack shitting all over Byron Scott any and every time I can find them. Think about it, he could be an absolute superstar on Periscope if he did that. Someone make this happen. Gotta have more from the Captain.

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