Kristaps Stared Down Kent Bazemore Into An Early Grave


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Has anyone ever been more scared than Kent Bazemore after the ref just saved his life right there? Oh my god. Talk about playing with a full diaper. That is the look of a man who knows he just skirted death:


I don’t know what got into Bazemore’s head that he thought he could survive a staredown with the Gawd KP, but I know the second he looked into Kristaps’ eyes he regretted it immediately. I mean you can actually see the second his soul left his body there. If the ref didn’t get between them I think Bazemore might have just melted on the spot Raiders of the Lost Ark-style.

I don’t think Kent or any Hawk player who saw the look in KP’s eye will be doing that again, and this is a fair warning to everyone else. If you even think of looking at Kristaps the wrong way, he will kill you. And if by some fortunate happenstance he decides to spare your life, you’ll still have to deal with Stop Snitchin B-more Melo, who will coofie smack you into tomorrow before you even know what happened.

And on that point… I take back all the mean stuff I said about Melo at the end of my blog on Monday. Melo, if you’re gonna keep jumping in to fight for KP like that, I will happily eat my words and vote you into the all star game. Fuck, I’ll tag all my WTA posts with #StayMe7o too. Because that right there, that zero-hesitation shove and subsequent shit talking right in Dennis Schroder’s fuckboy blonde patch ass face, was fucking awesome. Melo not only actually likes and trusts his teammates… he fucking LOVES Kristaps. And that makes me the happiest man alive. #StayMe7o

As for the actual game…

I missed the second half last night to play pickup, but just woke up to watch it this morning. First of all, when the Knicks move the ball they’re so goddamn good. Obviously not “deep playoff run” good, but at least “very competitive first round series” good. And on those nights where Melo, KP, and Afflalo all have it going, that’s a very hard team to beat. And second… KP ate Paul Millsap’s lunch last night. Whole arsenal was on display. Putback dunks, post work, defensive lockdown, and a dribble-stepback game that is simply unfair for a 7’3″ prodigy to possess…

P.S.   Ball-movement Melo might sneaky be one of the five to seven best players in the league

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