Misogynist Jaden Smith Takes A Job From A Woman As Face Of Women’s Louis Vuitton


Jaden Smith thinks he’s better than women. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. #FactsOnly

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Look, I don’t want to get up on my high horse about feminism here. That’s not my place. I am merely a fact hunter. If you want to call me a hero for expecting equal employment opportunities and equal pay for the same work for people of both, excuse me, of ALL genders, go ahead and call me a hero. But I’ll never call myself that. I’m just here to point out the facts.

And the fact here is that Jaden Smith just took a job from a woman.

Probably a hardworking woman who has been eating right and staying healthy and grinding out modeling appearances since the first time she found a Swimsuit edition with the pages stuck together in the family bathroom. A woman who probably thought she had entered one of the few industries where she didn’t have to worry about the masculine hierarchy handing a job to some guy named Rick with bad BO and a fake BA from Ohio State who she had worked harder than. A woman who wanted nothing more in life than to be rewarded with this position for all her hard work, only to lose out to a talented kid with a rich dad who doesn’t even fit the qualifications of the position… like being a woman.

That’s who Jaden Smith stole this job from. A woman. A woman who he thought he’d do better at representing women than. Sounds pretty misogynistic to me, wouldn’t you say? I don’t see any non-misogynists saying they’d be better at speaking to and representing women than a woman would, do you? Yeah, thought not. So if you thought this kid was taking this job to break down gender barriers, think again. Jaden Smith thinks he’s better than women. That’s not an opinion, it’s a fact. #FactsOnly



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