Melo Congratulated Afflalo On Scoring 38 By Giving Himself An All Star Vote

Using a congratulatory tweet as an excuse to give yourself an All Star Vote is next-level selfish #StayMe7o

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For the most part, I’ve been pretty happy with Melo this year. Sure he still has those infuriating moments of iso-ball, but you have to expect that. It’s who he is. But for the first time in… well, maybe the first time ever in the NBA, I think Melo trusts the majority of his teammates. He knows how transcendently great Kristaps is. He knows what Afflalo can do. He knows that Jose can shoot. He knows what Gallo and D-Will can do when they’re having good nights. And I think he, more than anyone short of Jerian and Gallo, looks to get KP in good situations. That’s not really saying much, since Afflalo and Jose go out of their way not to pass to KP. But still, Melo has put forth that effort. And that has shown in those occasional moments of beautiful basketball from this team. I think Melo has embraced Kristaps as the new co-face of the team. And I think through that trust in his teammates, he’s accepted the benefits of moving the ball and displaying hustle and effort defensively to the younger guys more than ever before. He’s been better than expected this year, at least in my eyes, and for this Knicks team that’s a big win.

But this… this right here is vintage CEO Melo. Absolutely vintage. CEO Melo has never ever missed a branding opportunity, ever. I’m surprised he didn’t just straight up replace #Knickstape with #StayMe7o. Yeah these guys are their own businesses, and yeah I’ll never blame them for promoting themselves. But using a congratulatory tweet as an excuse to give yourself an All Star Vote (tweets tagged with #NBAVote are this years votes) is so next-level selfish I have to acknowledge it. He didn’t even try to disguise it either. Just flat out said, “congrats to AA for his best game ever, now all you fans who want to shoutout AA too, retweet this to make me an All Star.” Ruthless narcissism. Gotta respect that. #StayMe70.


Hey Melo, I see your vote, and I raised you two…

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