Bill Walton Danced With A Lightsaber At The Grateful Dead NYE Concert

I wish I loved anything half as much as Bill Walton loves the Grateful Dead

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Can you imagine loving anything as much as Bill Walton – and Deadheads in general – love the Grateful Dead? I mean is there anything in your life that you love even half as much as Bill Walton loves the Dead? Even a quarter as much?

My new goal for the New Year, which I just made up right now, is to find a thing to love as much as Bill Walton loves the Dead. Forget weight loss or professional success or a fulfilling relationship. None of that was realistic anyway. What is realistic is finding a true passion. And no, gambling and my sports teams don’t count. Because this passion needs to bring me joy without constantly breaking my heart. When I find something that fits that profile, I’ll let you know. For now, just enjoy this giant goofy man going hammertime to some tunes with a lightsaber. Never change Bill… Never change.



P.S.   I guess this is a good time to remind you that Luke Walton is coaching the 31-2 Golden State Warriors. Luke Walton, who in last year’s Finals I called “the league’s top weed connect”, is leading what could be the league’s greatest regular season team ever. Truly unbelievable stuff


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